Sunday, 4 May 2014

Meditation: Mother Mary with the unborn Jesus

 Yesterday, my husband and I wanted to pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament. As the chapel was closed, we ended up praying in front of the grotto. 

My husband asked me how I felt praying to the statue of Mother Mary where you cannot see Jesus, I replied: "Why, Jesus is always with Mary. He is inside her womb, otherwise she would not be able to trample upon the serpent." 

My husband was surprised because he never thought this way before, and I realised how important it is to remember that Jesus went through the whole cycle of life: from being an embryo to growing into a fetus, and then into a baby who was delivered through the birth canal, and who just cried, giggled, pooped and nursed like all babies do. Like my baby does! 

Pause for a moment to think about how vulnerable God chose to be through the incarnation of Word into Flesh. All Jesus relied on for nutrient was through the simple if not meager diet of Mary, provided by the carpenter Joseph. What kind of stress did pregnant Mary and father-to-be Joseph went through? Does Baby Jesus get enough food? Am I making enough money to support Jesus and Mary? And to travel to Bethelem in Mary's third trimester- will the journey be safe? How should we provide for his medical care if anything happens?

Yet things turned out to be just fine, and Jesuswas born a healthy child, just the way God intended.

The world is a fallen place, and day to day we are faced with many dangers and limitations. However, we must believe that God's grace is always enough. No matter how challenging and humble our circumstances are, how weak and vulnerable we feel, we are able to do what we are called to do as long as we obey Him and fall into the right steps with His calling.

It is easy for my husband and I to become anxious as our little boy grows everyday. However meditating on how the Holy Family raised Jesus helps building up our faith, helps us pray for our son, and receive our peace from God.