Monday, 6 October 2014

The Lesson on Patience

This morning, I took my baby out with our helper to make a trip to the library for some printing work. The library was not opened and its server was down. We ended up having a long, lovely walk in the park where I spent lots if time praying for my husband.

Sometimes delay and disruption in our human plans are opportunities to give up our own agenda and let God decide how we use our time. It is easy to feel frustrated and anxious, but as we ask God for help, surrender ourselves and follow His agenda, peace will replace anxiety and things fall into place in an unexpected way.

 "Lord, I feel frustrated that things are not moving the way I want. I am so worried but I trust that You will help me finish my work with success.  What would you like me to do now instead? Please help me align my timetable and plans with Yours, and let my work be fruitful in every way. I trust that You will bring the work You have started in me and through me to completion. Amen."

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