Monday, 1 September 2014

Joseph the Adventurer

Today as I was eating some roasted pumpkin and pasta,  Joseph pushed away his pork and pumpkin congee and looked at my plate. As I handed him a piece of roasted pumpkin, he first took a tentative bite with his two bottom front teeth, then grabbed the whole chunk of veggie. He even managed to pass it from one pudgy hand to another to finish it off in several bites, all without dropping any morsels on the floor!

And two days ago he showed Daddy he had learnt how to play music in the CD player. He always opened it and took the disc out so I thought I might as well show him how to play music. And he proved not only to be a fast learner, but also a music enthusiast as he wiggled and grooved to the music!

And then yesterday he discovered how much fun a bucket can contain as he saw Mummy poured a bucket full of ice water onto Daddy's head! Now he enjoys rolling, kicking, carrying, and even riding the bucket as his personal cable car.

Too much cuteness. Seeing the world through Joseph the adventurer is so much fun! 

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