Monday, 15 September 2014

Let God plan your family

Recently there has been a strong desire in me to conceive a second baby, and have more than two children. I discussed it with my husband and he feels happy about it. 

There is so much pressure in the world to plan and space your children in a way that makes most sense for finances, career, living space etc. Sometimes health concerns may also come into play. However there is no fool proof formula to calculate how many children to have and when. We can only turn to God and surrender our desires and fears to Him, trusting that He fits everything together for a better future.

Just as I was contemplating the matter, a friend of mine told me she has just discovered that she is pregnant. Despite not planing to have more than two children she and her husband believe that it is a gift from God and trust that Ge will provide. To me, this is an encouragement as well as a confirmation of what God is speaking to me.

I remember that Jesus was questioned by some about paying temple tax. Our Lord asked one of the disciples to pick up a fish, and found a coin in the fish'a mouth. He then gave the coin as temple tax.

As we honour God and seek His kingdom, all the rest will be given to us so that His will can be carried out on earth as in Heaven. For everything belongs to our God.

As I reflect on the incidents of life, I become more relaxed at the ups and downs of life and there is a peace in my heart despite the many recent difficulties in my husband's job, and the uncertainty in my freelance business. For The Lord must complete the good work He has started, and He will not let those who trust in His name be put to shame.

Lord, I commit our marriage, our son, our family and work to You. We also surrender out hopes, plans, fears and desires. Protect and prosper us. Let us praise You always as we experience Your mercy and kindness. Amen. 

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